Painting Guide

Aluminum Trim Colors


  • Manufactured from eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable, fire resistant material
  • Tamlyn XtremeTrim® may be used in interior or exterior weather conditions
  • Use Direct to Metal Alkyd Enamel (DTM) paint with XtremeTrim® consult with your local siding color paint manufacturer for best practice and proper painting methods. For more information, visit Sherwin-Williams DTM Alkyd Enamel Web Page.
  • Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations to apply


  • Tamlyn PVC Trim may be painted to achieve a custom color
  • Use a light color only, 100% acrylic latex paint with a light reflective value (LRV) of 55 or higher (Flat Black=0, pure white=100). Painting PVC trim with dark colors may cause the product to warp
  • Tamlyn does not recommend painting our PVC products with dark colors
  • If a dark color (LRV value of 50 or lower/darker) paint is used, excess solar heat may be absorbed, subjecting the PVC to warping and distortion due to extremes of thermal expansion and contraction. This reaction is even more evident when these parts are exposed to direct sunlight in hot climates. Paint adhesion loss, blistering and peeling may also result
  • Tamlyn will not be responsible for repair or replacement of any project using dark color print resulting damage due to distortion, warping, buckling, shrinkage, paint blistering, or peeling of paint on the PVC products, or repair or replacement of related siding, soffit, or trim products
  • Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations to apply
  • Make sure Tamlyn PVC Trim is clean and dry before painting