XtremeTrim® Technical Information

Technical Information Page

XtremeTrim® products are not part of an Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) and not designed or intended to be used in an EFIS or similar system.

XtremeTrim® profiles do not form a moisture management system, and are reveals solely designed for aesthetics. The architect and builder are responsible for designing and installing a code compliant building envelope.

For Best Practice - Tamlyn recommends you only use a drainable housewrap that exceeds AC38 when installing XtremeTrim® or a minimum 3/8" vented batten rainscreen where code requires. This gives the designer the best rain control - a drainage plane and air space behind the cladding/siding.

When cutting XtremeTrim® use a standard miter/chop saw with all-purpose metal cutting blade.

Tamlyn recommends when using XtremeTrim® to use either stainless steel or American made hot dipped fasteners.

All XtremeTrim® cut edges will need to be painted and sealed to not void the warranty.

XtremeTrim® profiles are all different, so follow manufacturer's installation instructions on each profile.

For best practice use a minimum 2" membrane tape on each side of a vertical run and a minimum 2" membrane tape on the top side of all horizontal runs, as illustrated on each drawing.

Please follow the siding manufacturer's best practice guide when installing XtremeTrim® with their siding including size of fasteners.

When using XtremeTrim® within one mile of a coast line it is Best Practice to use anodized aluminum profiles in lieu of painted aluminum profiles, assuring that all ends are well coated.